Waffle Maker To Get: Cuisine Art Waffle Maker

Here’s a fun fact: Humans have been consuming waffles for years. No, make that a hundred of years. Right now, its popularity hasn’t died down yet. I can’t blame the people, I am one of those loyal followers of making varieties of waffles.

It’s not really surprising that 75% of Americans have taken waffles to a positive note.  In most cases with waffle-lovers, thinking about crunching down a crispy outside just to be welcomes with the goodness of the inside makes a mouth watery thought.

Belgian Waffle Maker

I’m already hungry just by writing about it. However, since we’re all special people, not a lot of people would want to eat it in this manner. Finding that one out, the best waffle maker should be fitting to what you want.

There are different types of waffle maker, so there are some which specializes in making light or soft waffles. With the newest ones, some are able to pull off both of the textures.

Personally, I like my waffles to be crispy through and through. I mean, no one’s going to beat that kind of breakfast in bed.

For choosing the waffle maker that would fit you, it’s only natural that the first step would be finding out what you want. It’s nothing philosophical, you don’t need to do some soul-searching.

Rather, contemplating on the waffle iron should just do it right. Basically, it’s just means you have to choose either one of these two things – American waffles or Belgian waffles.

In general, you’ll find that Belgian waffles are tad too thick compared to American waffles. In addition, it comes in with deeper wells for your desired. Like, syrup or marshmallow (yes I do that).

Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

There’s a reason why I wanted to kick it off with Cuisinart waffle maker. For one, Cuisinart is a well-established company. They have been providing quality products since day 1.

Let’s talking about his Belgian waffle maker. If you’ve decided you want to eat up some thick, awesome goodness, you’re in the right place. It’s able to make up 2 1-inch waffles.

Belgian Waffle Maker


As a matter of fact, you can make up some great restaurant-level kind of waffles when using this one. Although the price tag comes in at a higher price, it’s definitely worth it by all means.

Here’s a tip, to make it extra special just add in syrup or fruit – heck, why not both – and you’ll be enjoying a treat of a lifetime.

It gives you an easy-to-handle rotary feature to your advantage as you’ll be able to flip up waffles you’ll surely love. It means you get the best of both world when cooking from top and bottom.

It comes in with a unique 6-setting browning control knob. Yes, there’s actually a pretty neat sequence as it’s going to be made from light to crisp brown.

Wrapping It Up!

It’s probably the best waffle maker of the market. This is especially knowing that it comes from Cuisinart waffle maker. Overall, it’s worth a shot.


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