Faster Clean Up and Delicious Waffles: Proctor Silex Belgian Waffle Maker (26070)

Simply put, waffle makers are amazing. I do want to tell you something though, they do more than just make waffles.

Now that we’ve got that one out of the way, let’s all fall in love with the fact that it’s able to make mouth-watering goodness in just a couple of minutes away.

Here’s how we can break it down. The heat does its work to fry them on the outside. It goes along pretty well with the closed container for the steam from the inside.

Waffle Maker reviews

There’s a certain reaction that happens – yeah, let’s talk deep. There’s a Malliard reaction that happens. This is mostly on the surface of the waffle. The result? Well, you can say it’s absolutely satisfying. It browns the waffle up.

The best waffle maker comes in with a functional internal thermostat. It has a role of keeping a close tab on the waffle. Ideally, once it has reached to your desired temperature, you can easily put in the batter.

With any good waffle maker, you can justify that your waffle is ready to be served – and eaten – as soon as the steam stops. The thermostat comes in with the function of knowing when it’s done.

I made this waffle maker review to emphasize that the best waffler maker isn’t that hard to clean. Honestly, I’ve heard way too many friends who are complaining on the matter.

So yeah, there are different methods which you can choose from. My personal favorite is steam cleaning method. If anything, it looks enjoyable to watch and do as well.

Proctor Silex Belgian Waffle Maker (26070)

The thing with waffle makers is that that they’re not necessary, although they’re pretty nice to have around. But because of how Proctor Silex is being priced, you don’t have to think twice with purchasing this one.

Functionality-wise, this one’s great. It’s pretty simple to use, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure things out with Proctor. The moment you plug the waffle baker in, you’ll be greeted with a power light as a prompt.

Waffle Maker reviews


One of its key features is that it’s going to stay on as long as it’s plugged. In any case, you’ll notice a green preheat light when the waffle baker is good to go. Basically, it’s when it’s all set up for waffle batter.

I reckon you should check out its doneness when steaming blows.  Proctor gives you a quick time of cooking as it’s able to finish up five to eight minutes. For most of the waffle batter that is.

Now, I earlier sound about waffle makers being hard to clean. Well, not all. It gives you a pretty easy clean up time. All you have to do is wipe the grids and you’re done.

Ideally, you should use a damp cloth. You may repeat the process two or three times to ensure it’s cleanly done.

Closing It In!

This is definitely something you should try out. In addition, when storing it, it gives you no concerns. It sits upright making you have space for other things.


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